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October 2017: Click HERE for news about our latest donation to BCN
29th August 2017
Hi Everyone,

As you are all aware Boobs & Brass was formed in 2006 by Maggie and myself, to perform a "one off" concert with any money being raised to go to Breast Cancer Campaign and also the Ophthalmic Department at KGH.  I think we can all agree this was certainly achieved, an unbelievable night. Kettering Parish Church was packed to capacity, an audience of 500. 
Through lots of encouragement we kept going, never thinking for one moment we would reach 11 years, let alone raising in excess of £200,000. However all that being said we have now reached the decision that Boobs & Brass will come to an end in 2018, the last engagement being Lincoln Cathedral, Saturday 13th October 2018.  
We will not be taking any more bookings (firmed up bookings will be honoured).
Over the last 11 years we have achieved a great deal. Remember when we arrived at the Whits?  The first time there had ever been an all female band, being treated like celebrities and that march at Delph - totally awesome.  Playing with the World famous Brighouse & Rastrick, our Pink Weekend at Butlins and our awards - Breast Cancer Campaign - Outstanding Achievement award for our fundraising, and recently the BBC Music Day 2017 theme "The Power of Music".  Of course none of this could have happened if it wasn't for you girls, our players.  We really can't thank you enough.  All the time you have given, all the travelling you have done to come and play with B & B, and never asking for anything in return.  You will never ever know just how much this has all been appreciated.
There are so many people to thank, all those that have sponsored events, buses, those that have donated  - music, stands, banners, drum / percussion equipment, raffle prizes and of course those PINK  JACKETS.   Where do we start?
No doubt there will be questions to answer as to why. 
Putting a band together gets more difficult - after all there is life away from banding.
Tickets sales for concerts, gone down by half - so many other things going on.
The feeling that Boobs & Brass has just run its course.

Thank you all so much for all your time and commitment, especially those of you who have been with us from the off.
Just remember all the good times we have had as a group, and be proud of what you have achieved.

Jane, Maggie, Keith & Alan

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26th September 2017

Sally Thorburn has been awarded a Diamond Winner from the company she works for, Swinton Insurance, to celebrate 60 years. They awarded it to Sally for giving up her time for a good cause & they said she could choose the charity of her choice - hence the cheque for a thousand pounds to Boobs & Brass
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16th September 2017
Hi Everyone,
Today we have sent donations totalling £345 to Breast Cancer Now.
These donations were from people attending the funeral of Brian Skinner - the Stepfather of Craig Ridley who we performed a concert with two years ago with the `down south` band.
Sadly, Mr Skinner lost his battle with brain cancer on 4th July and his wife chose BCN as one of the charities to receive donations.
Our condolences are sent to Craig, Mrs Skinner and all their family.

This donation, plus the £500 from Amy Gier Bland,  now takes our fundraising total to £213,793 - £180,666 to breast cancer research and £33,127 to other charities.

The Research Project tht we are currently funding has a balance now of £4,190 which, hopefully will be raised at the forthcoming concerts.

Maggie & Jane

Click HERE to read about our latest donation from Amy, our American friend
August 2017: Today we are sending a donation of £3265.00 to Breast Cancer Now and this money has been raised as follows:-

    `Legends in Brass` Concert with The Hatfield Band (organised by Mike Kilmartin) £1000.00
    The `Shi Dance` in Doncaster                                  £1780.00
    Steve Alexanders Oompah Band                             £ 175.00
    Mr & Mrs T. Robinson Golden Wedding donations    £ 190.00
    `Friends` of Boobs & Brass                                     £   70.00
    Donation Theresa Thornton                                     £   25.00
    Donation S. Ludlow/M. Vine                                    £  25.00


Our fund raising total is now £212,948 with £179,821 of this being donated for breast cancer research and £33,127
raised for various other charities.  Please see our website for details.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has helped to raise this money.

Jane & Maggie

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Click HERE to read Maggie's write up about the Legends in Brass concert

July 2017: Today we are sending another donation to Breast Cancer Now for the amount of £1740.00.This has been raised as follows:-

Concert with Strata Brass on 17.06.17 £1150.00
Concert in Cardiff 24.06.17 £330.00
Prize at Whits £ 20.00
Donation from Mike Kilmartin from music sales £ 240.00

Thank you to everyone who helped to raise this money which will be allocated to the research project that we are currently funding. In addition to this, there was also another £1150.00 raised at the Strata Band concert which was for their band funds.

This takes our overall fund raising amount to £209,683.00
Of this, £176,556 has gone to breast cancer research and the other £33,127 to other charities.Many thanks to everyone for your continued support.
Jane & Maggie

Today we have sent a donation to Breast Cancer Now for the amount of £2910.00 which will be allocated to the project we are currently supporting at King`s College London. 

This has been raised as follows:-

Concert at Titchmarsh 13th May                       2136.00
Collection at funeral of Mr Ellis                           440.00
Donation from Nottingham University                   100.00
Donation re talk to Raunds ladies                         50.00
Donation Stamford Band re Mike Kilmartin            30.00
Donation from `down south` supporter                   32.00
General donations                                             122.00

In addition to this, the charity has received the `matched` amount - £593 - for the money raised at the carolling event at Thorpe Castle Barn in December.

Also, in addition to the money shown above raised at the Titchmarsh concert, there was also £2136.00 donated to  the Alzheimer`s Society.

This takes our overall fund raising amount to £206,793.00

Of this, £174,816 has gone to breast cancer research and the other £31,977 has helped various other charities including Alzheimer`s Society, Prostate Cancer UK, Brain Tumour Research, British Legion, Help for Heroes, Macmillan, Marie Curie, Crazy Hats and several churches.

Our sincere thanks go to everyone who has helped in raising this money and for everyone`s continued committment and support.

Jane & Maggie
On Friday , 9th June Boobs & Brass took part in the famous `Whit Friday Marches`.
We are extremely fortunate and grateful that our travel costs to this unique brass banding event were sponsored by Lifeplus – a company that creates nutritional formulations that promote wellness, and help people develop their own individual understanding of the benefits of supplementation.
Their President and Co-Founder quotes - “At Lifeplus , we  want to inspire everyone to lead  happier, healthier lives; to make positive choices to improve their wellbeing. That`s why we create our product the way we do; high quality formulations of key nutrients to support the countless little miracles our bodies perform each day”
They also state - “We have created a simple shorthand for how we can pay more attention to our overall wellbeing in our daily lives.We call it our Lifeplus formula; a summary of our knowledge and experiemce simplified into four key areas – Eating Well, Staying Active, State of Mind and Nutritional Supplementation. The idea behind this is simple – if you combine all elements of our formula together, you will be positively contributing towards your holistic wellbeing.”
For more information, please visit
Boobs & Brass are delighted to have been awarded the BBC Music Day Brass Band Award
for the band that best embodies the BBC Music Day 2017 theme"The Power of Music".
Click HERE for further details of our weekend at the Whits where we were presented with the award
Click HERE for full details

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